Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018

American legend finishes behind winner Shane McElrath in supercross event.

Supercross legend Ryan Dungey came out of retirement to push fellow American Shane McElrath close at 2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm, which featured bikes from as old as 2004. Here is all you need to know:

– This year’s two-stroke-only affair in Pomona was a throwback to the days when the gear sets were mostly pink, Fresno was smooth and a nac-nac was totally rad.

– Dungey retired after sealing the 2017 AMA Supercross 450 title, however returned to competitive action to take on the likes of McElrath, Ryan Villopoto and Josh Grant.

– The 250 class featured some of the best racing with showdowns like Villopoto v Dungey and Grant v Kyle Partridge seeing the fans treated to head-to-head heats that came down to a hundredth of a second.

– Dungey, 28, set a dominant pace late in the qualifying period and looked to be poised to take home his first Straight Rhythm title, but McElrath had other plans.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 250cc class

– It only took a handful of trips down the half-mile track to cement McElrath’s place in moto history as he decisively captured the top spot in California.

– The North Carolina native has now captured a top spot on the podium three years in a row, advancing out of the “Lites” class from last year into the premier category.

– The 23-year-old said: „Each run I got a little more comfortable and I really started to feel like myself at the end so I thought to myself, ‚I can do this again‘.“

– The 125 class‘ riding evolved throughout the day as the riders attempted to utilise as much of the track, and their limited horsepower, as possible.

– American Carson Brown found key jump combinations early in the day to win, turning a challenging series of doubles into a double-triple-triple combo.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 150cc class

250 Class Results
1. Shane McElrath
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Ryan Villopoto

125 Class Results
1. Carson Brown
2. AJ Catanzaro
3. Luke Renzland

Text: Red Bull
Fotos: Red Bull Content Pool